So You're Engaged


So... you are engaged to the person of your dreams! You are so excited that you want to scream, jump, cry, dance and hug everyone all at once.  Firstly: CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited for you and want to help you navigate the do's and don'ts of getting engaged. We curated a list of our top suggestions for what you should consider immediately after getting engaged. 

1. Enjoy this time!  There will not be another time when only you and your partner know your special news. Think about it! A secret only you two know!!! This is such a special moment to share so soak it in. Remember the details, talk about how excited you are... tell your partner how much you love the ring, fill this moment with happy and kind memories to hold onto forever. There is no shame in waiting a few hours, or even a day to share! Once your cup is running over, move on to the next step.  

2. Be prepared.  Unfortunately, everyone is going to bombard you with questions! How did they ask you? What does the ring look like? When is the wedding date? Where will it be? Is cousin Sally invited? Anything you can think of will be asked of you. Before telling anyone, talk to your partner and come up with your strategy. Sometimes it is easier if you both say the same thing 'We are so excited right now and don't know wedding details. When we come out of the clouds, we will give you details!" Kind and to the point. You can do this!

3. Come up with a list together of people you want to share your special information with (Especially people who you don't want to find out via social media). Think of your family and friends that you want to tell in person vs. over the phone. Location may play a factor, if you get engaged on a cruise ship, you can't go to your mom's house to tell her the good news! When you come up with your list... get to it! Call or visit people in order of importance (sorry fam, but it's time for me to rank you!) It's always a wonderful idea to pay our older relatives a special visit if possible. Grandparents and great grandparents love to be included and it will mean a lot to them that you stopped by. Make sure to be explicit with your privileged people. Let them know it isn't everyone's news and to keep it on the DL or... call your talkative aunt and tell her to tell everyone (that will eliminate a lot of time for you :) ) 

4. When you have called or visited your VIPS make it FB official... if you want! We all feel that 'pressure' to post the perfect picture of the ring or type a long emotional post about your dreams coming true. This isn't necessary if it isn't you. This is a time where you need to be genuine.  Don't say something you wouldn't normally say, and don't post it on facebook just to fit in some norm. If you love instagram and think facebook is the worst, hashtag all about that beauty. If you really could not care less about social media, don't worry about it! Your nosy fb friends can text your mutuals and ask what is going on, and you can sit with your honey admiring your new relationship status.  

5. Now that the world knows and you have gotten a chance to soak it in... talk with your partner about your wedding dreams! Make sure you are both involved in the process. One of the biggest mistakes made in the wedding planning process is what we at ALD like to call "Pinterest Overload" you can pin all the pins you like but it may start to be completely overwhelming.  Instead of all the pins, pick a calm place to talk to your partner just the two of you. Ask each other questions about your ideal date, venue and even menu. Get an idea of what you both would like together!  

6. Insure that ring!:  It may not be that romantic, but insuring the beautiful ring on your finger is a way to guarantee the safety of a huge investment for both you and your partner! Insuring your ring doesn't need be difficult, and our friends at The Knot break it down for you in this article

7. Throw an engagement party: Whether you throw one for yourself or you attend a fete in your honor, an engagement party is a great way to be surrounded by love ones who want to celebrate your upcoming nuptials! Keep in mind that hosting a party is always an undertaking, so if someone is offering to host, be kind to them! Make sure to send a thank-you gift after the party is over. As for engagement gifts you may receive, save the opening for after guests leave. Be sure to send a note of thanks and appreciation, even if you thanked them in person!

8. Start to plan: Now that you've come down off the initial high of the engagement, it's time to start your planning process. We know that there are a million details running through your mind, so take a deep breath and try to focus on one decision at a time! We'll be here along the way (whether it's through this blog or working with you on your big day!) to make sure you have a beautiful and stress free planning process!


Emma + Kaitlynn