Six Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dress (with The White Dress!)

This post comes to us via Kristy Koryzno, owner at one of our favorite bridal salons, The White Dress! We can't say enough about how great our experiences with Kristy and The White Dress  have been!  Today she's sharing six tips for finding your dream gown.  Shopping for your dream dress should be fun, memorable and as stress-free as possible. Kristy's practical tips help ensure that's exactly what happens! 

1) First step: Dream!  

After you get engaged, your mind starts swirling with all the wonderful wedding ideas you have probably gathered on Pinterest for the past weeks/months/years.  This is the perfect time to start dreaming about your dress too!  Evaluate the dress photos you have loved and determine what exactly it is about the photo/dress that have drawn your attention:  Is it the silhouette?  Or maybe it is that daring low-back.  Or perhaps it is the fabric or sparkle that you adore.  Whatever it is about the dress inspiration pics, be sure to jot down some key words and use that as a guide when evaluating dresses you actually try on at a bridal shop.  This will help you to narrow down gowns based on the different aspects a dress may have.

2) Limit who you bring with you to your appointment.

We get it, we really do – you want everyone who is important to you to be a part of the wedding dress search.  However, we think each bride needs to take an internal evaluation before sending out that invite for wedding dress shopping.  Are you the type of person that gets overwhelmed by lots of opinions being thrown at you?  Do you like being the center of attention?  Are you able to stand by your own opinion without being swayed by others?  If you are answering these questions a certain way, you may want to reconsider who you bring with you on your search.  We oftentimes have brides come to TWD with just a mother and sister or a friend or two - sometimes even by herself - for a first visit to narrow down the choices to the top 5 dresses or so.  Then, after she has had time to process, she comes back with a larger crew to decide on “the one”.  We love this approach because it allows the bride to truly listen to her feelings, while also still including the important people in her life!  {Side note: If you really need or want to have a large group attend your bridal appointment, it doesn’t hurt to chat with the individuals attending and tell them you’d please like them to reserve their opinions before you state your own.  This helps keep your thoughts and opinions at the center of the discussion – and your opinion is the most important after all!}

3) Keep an open mind.  

This tip can sometimes be a difficult one for some people, especially with Pinterest!  {Do you ever get that feeling that you are seeing the same types of dresses over and over again in your Pinterest feed?  We do!}  Of course it is a good idea to try on dresses similar to the inspiration pics, but if you are in a bridal shop and you see a dress that you are drawn to, but is nothing like what you had originally envisioned….just try it on!  You just never know which dress could be “the one”.  {And let’s face it, some dresses just don’t have any hanger-appeal and look totally different on you than on the hanger.}  Another thing – don’t get discouraged if the dresses you end up liking are nothing like the ones you had pinned on Pinterest.  You may find that all you pinned were lace dresses and you end up disliking lace when you try it on –that’s ok!  And finally - trust the bridal consultant that you are working with!  She is likely to have some great ideas about what will work for you after she has seen you in a couple of styles and has heard your feedback on the dresses you have tried on.  Remember, a good bridal consultant will know the inventory in the store and may just be the one to pull your dress!

4) Stop looking.

Once you’ve found your dress, it is time to stop looking!  We know – there are SO MANY gorgeous dresses out there, but it is not humanly possible to try on every dress in the state!  If you’re getting the feeling that the dress you are in is it, then celebrate!  {And then don’t second guess yourself!}  For some brides, the magic number of bridal shops to visit is three; for others, it may be two shops; for others, just one is perfect.  Another tip?  If you’ve found “the one” and still have appointments booked, don’t feel obligated to go to those appointments.  Trust us when we say that this is frustrating for the bride and bridal shop alike.  The bride oftentimes just gets super confused about what she is liking when she continues to shop.  And we speak from experience when we say how difficult it can be to try and help a bride find “the one” when she has already found it.  The important thing here is to stop looking when you’ve found the one!

5)  It is ok to step away and think about it!  

Remember that this is a BIG decision and you need to be 100% positive when you choose your dress.  It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed after trying on dresses, especially if you have visited several shops in one day, so if you don’t feel like you can make a decision, then don’t!  A good bridal consultant and bridal shop will not try to convince you that you have found “the one” or pressure you to make an on-the-spot decision about a gown just so you can get a certain sale price or special deal.  We find that many of our brides just need some time to think over their favorite dresses and are better able to commit to the one after sleeping on it.  It never hurts to get measured while at the shop, and then call in your order if you decide that it is the one.   Sometimes a good night’s sleep is all you need to say yes!

6)  Follow your heart!

Always remember that it is your dress – not your mother’s dress, not your sister’s dress, not your friend’s dress, but YOURS!  The only opinion that really matters when it comes down to it is the one within you.  We hate to see our brides be persuaded by others when we can tell that they really loved another dress better.  It is a big decision and at the end of the day, when you are looking back at your wedding photos, the only thing you should be thinking is how beautiful you looked in your dress on your big day!