Popping the Question

Once you start thinking about your wedding, one of the most natural thoughts is who you want to be by your side on the big day. Here at ALD, we love a fun and meaningful "Wedding Party Proposal" and want to share some ideas with you!

If you are a crafty or handy person, you may consider making something for your VIPs.  This shows how important they are to you since you took the time to make them something... with your bare hands!!! (A quick interjection from Kaitlynn - Emma made me the sweetest "proposal box" to ask me to be in her bridal party. Two years later, I still have it! It's such a treasured gift!)

If you want to do something personal but you aren't super crafty, that is ok too! Make boxes for your VIPs filled with things you know they will love!  Wine, a wedding hype CD, nail polish in your wedding colors and a sweet note explaining why you want them to surround you on your special day. 


If making something isn't your cup of tea, you can always purchase a cool, made-by-someone-else gift from Etsy. There are such cute pieces of jewelry, beer steins, wine glasses, candles and so much more! 

Whatever you end up doing, make sure it is authentic.  You never want to force a feeling or be something you are not.  If your style is to go to your VIPs and simply ask them, we are all for it.  Remember, starting your wedding planning off 'authentically you' puts the right vibes in motion for an awesome day.  

Feel that love!!!

Emma + Kaitlynn

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