Including Your Groom


You get engaged and suddenly it's off to the races. Every single pin that you've pinned to your "Dream Wedding" board since your third date needs to come to life and you'll be damned if anyone is going to stop you. After all - this is your day. 

If you are a bride, or groom, who has a lot of ideas, we celebrate you!  It is truly wonderful that you have a distinct vision for your upcoming nuptials. But allow us to interject a gentle reminder -  your wedding is the start of something so much more valuable -your marriage - so while we applaud your desire to execute your dream wedding, do not let your single vision supersede your partner's ideas and feelings!  A lot of times, less opinionated grooms let us more opinionated brides take the reigns.  It is a blessing to have every freedom to execute your dreams but it is important to remember, your partner has dreams too!  Today, we're giving you some easy tips to include your partner in a meaningful way:

  1. Think about your partner. What things are they passionate about? If your groom is a huge music buff, listen to his ideas for your first song. If your bride is a foodie, maybe she should have the major say in catering options. Remember that these are qualities you love about your partner and part of what makes them who they are! Let this shine through on your special day.

  2. Think about your relationship together. What things do you enjoy doing together? Do you love to dance? Now's the time to incorporate a fun choreographed number to show to your guests! If it's a sweet tooth that brought you two together, build a candy bar with your favorites.

  3. Evaluate where you are and make a list. Combine the things that you brainstormed in 1 and 2. Think about what you do not want to compromise on at your wedding. What have you been picturing for months, years!? What are you dreaming about?

  4. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Bring your list with you. It will mean a lot to your partner that you thought about things they would like individually and things they would enjoy with you. Find out what is important to your better half - it may include things that you had not realized. Ask them the same questions you asked yourself!

  5. Come up with your dream list together. There are bound to be things that you will both agree on as well as things that make you butt heads. If your fiancé has always dreamed of an elaborate wedding cake, but you have had your heart set on cupcakes, maybe you can compromise to have a fun groom's cake or cake topper with cupcakes surrounding.

  6. Make sure throughout the process, you consult with your partner. You may be with someone who doesn't care whether the invitations are letterpress or thermographic and doesn't know what the hell a calligrapher does, but they will always appreciate your consultation and may surprise you with a great idea that you never thought of!

What have you done to incorporate your groom into the wedding planning process? Share with us in the comments!

Happy Friday Friends!

Emma + Kaitlynn