Crafting the Perfect Thank You Note

As we wind down the 2015 Holiday Season, we genuinely  hope everyone has enjoyed their time spent with loved ones (and that you got some rocking gifts)!  Whether it's the Holidays or your wedding, crafting the perfect "Thank You" note takes some skill. Tonight, we're offering you our list of FAQs when it comes to TYNs (Thank You Notes!). 

How long do we have to send out TYNs related to our wedding?  

We have heard answers to this question that range from ASAP to one year from the event.  Let's just be honest here, if you intend to write Thank Yous, which you should, they should be completed as soon as possible.  The longest we would recommend to hold on is three months.  We get it... post-wedding bliss can and will happen, and you might not feel like writing them, but if you have time to watch TV or browse the internet, you have time to write thank you notes. *This rule also applies to wedding related events, like showers or bachelorette parties.  TYNs should be written for any gift received.  

What is a good strategy to take when writing out a large amount of notes?

It can be fun to divide TYNs by who knows the gift giver best.  That way, it is easier to make your notes personal.  Set aside a chunk of time so that you can write your notes in small batches. Don't write 150 notes in one night, rather, set a goal of 10 per day... in 15 days you will be finished!

How do we organize and remember who we have sent a note to?

When you are opening your gifts, have a friend or relative compile a simple Excel spreadsheet.  Name, Gift received and Other important details can be included in the spreadsheet.  When you are ready to write notes, just go in order of your document and highlight every row when it has been sent.  

Should our TYNs be personalized or is a general statement of Thanks ok?

They should be as personal as possible.  Sometimes, you may not have anything super personal to say to your mother's coworker but try to come up with something!  "I loved your dress at the wedding" or "It was fun to see you cutting a rug on the dance floor". This helps your guests to know that they were noticed and truly appreciated. It also is fun for your gift-givers to know if you have been using the item they purchased you. "We love the mixer and have made fourteen batches of blueberry muffins already!"  

Do I have to write TYNs for my close family and friends?

Did they get you a gift?  Did they contribute to your happiness? If the answer is yes to either question then yes, write them one.

Can I type TYNs?

We really recommend a hand written message.  This is just so much more personal and helps to show how much you care.  It doesn't need to be fancy calligraphy but it should be your own handwriting.  (And not to sound too much like your fourth grade teacher, but slow down for a minute to keep your handwriting legible. Your friends and family - especially older relatives - will thank you for it!)

Does the type of ink I use matter?

Traditionally, blue or black ink is the most acceptable color, however, if you strictly use pink ink... write it with that!  It is better to receive a pink-ink thank you than no thank you at all. (Kaitlynn interrupting for a hot minute -- I adore the Le Pen in just about any bold color and I'll be using them to write out my TYN for the Holidays!)

Here's to a year of heartfelt Thank Yous! 

Emma + Kaitlynn