Get to Know A Lovely Day: Meet Kaitlynn

Hi Friends! (We are all friends here, right?)

I’m Kaitlynn, one of the Co-Founders of A Lovely Day! Finding the right wedding planner is a bit like finding your special someone - you want to make sure that your visions align for the big day, that the communication is just right and that - at the end of the day - you enjoy spending a whole lot of time with them!  So just like our very own A Lovely Day dating profile, I’d love for you to know a little bit more about me!


1. The most important thing in my life is family. And mine is a little crazy. But they are the best support system I could ask for and I love spending time with them. 


2. Almost seven years ago, I met this absolute jerk at a party. After leaving the party I called my mom and complained the entire car ride back to my friend’s house that this boy was the most infuriating person I had come across in ages. This morning, I got to wake up next to that guy. Andy is my number one support system, believer, cheerleader, confidant and best friend. He’s also the reason that I firmly believe first impressions should not be the only impressions. (To be fair, he says he was flirting with me. I say he’s a terrible flirt.)

3. My style (in clothes, in decor, in life) is a modern take on classic preppy. I love a good tartan and anything seersucker is my JAM.  But let's be real, I also love leggings and am likely to be found wearing Lululemon with no intention of working out.

4. I own the worlds best dog - Beau (this isn’t bias, this is just fact). He’s a chocolate lab mix that Andy and I got at rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We had counted down the days till we could adopt a dog, and when we moved in together it was our first priority. I proudly say that we opted to get Beau before we got furniture and it was the best two weeks of sitting on the floor that I could ever have asked for. 

5. I am thoroughly and completely moved by music. I worked at a golf club as an event coordinator for several years during college and at one of our weddings, the bride walked down the aisle to the theme from the Notebook. Right as her dad was about to give her away, a flock of geese gracefully flew over the ceremony as the music swelled. I lost it. So many happy tears. Emma walked down the aisle to a harpist playing the theme from Up. I won’t say I looked like Kim Kardashian ugly-crying, but I won’t say that I didn’t. 

6. I love football. Not a like, love. Want to talk about  my feelings on Notre Dame's need to affiliate? How about  the changing tide in dominant Power 5 conferences (I'm looking at you, SEC)? I'm your girl. And if I need to psych my self up - I watch football hype videos. (I’ve joked that I’m only going to be able to give birth by watching hype videos and I’m not totally sure that’s untrue). 

7. I am a Model UN nerd. I fell in love with the idea of Model UN after watching Winning London (the classic Mary-Kate and Ashley #girlpower film) and actively participated in Model UN throughout Junior High and High School. In college, I got into the conference side of things and eventually became the President of a High School conference that was held at our University. It is the best choice I made in college and has created some of the strongest and truest friendships I could have ever hoped for.  

8. I consume near-Gilmore Girls level of coffee. I was once told that whenever someone thought of me, they pictured a Starbucks cup in my hand (#skinnyvanillaplease). In times of high-stress, coffee may (and will) be replaced by Red Bull. 

9. I love logistics. I once worked a week-long conference with 120 staff members. At our first staff meeting we were handed a 58-page logistics plan that acted as our Bible for the week. That was the moment I fell in love. There is nothing that can’t be solved by a good plan of action and I love to create them.

10. I love to cook. Put me in the kitchen with some Frank Sinatra, a glass of wine and five hours and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I find cooking relaxing, inspiring and so rewarding. Come on over, you can snuggle Beau and I’ll cook you up your favorite meal!

So now that you know a little bit more about me, we’d love to know more about you! Stop over and say hello so we can chat! In the next few weeks, Emma will put together a profile of her own - make sure to come back!