Tips For a Happy Wedding Party

One of the best parts of your wedding day is being surrounded by the people that you care most about!  If you are lucky, you will have a great wedding party to be there by your side.  We here at ALD love a good group of guys and gals surrounding our brides and grooms and we want to keep them happy!  Here are a few tips to see those smiling faces throughout the wedding process:

1. Have realistic expectations.  There are many things that your party will be expected to help with especially those designated as Best Man and Maid of Honor.  Planning bachelor/bachelorette parties, helping with bridal showers (maybe hosting them), assisting with DIY projects just to name a few.  Weddings are very time consuming and unfortunately, if you are easily overwhelmed, you may find yourself relying a little too much on your wedding party.  Try to check everything you ask them to do to see if it is something YOU would be willing and happy to help them with. 

2. Enhance your Squad!  Your wedding party is a special group for you but they may have never met each other!  Help facilitate get togethers where everyone can hangout and mingle without specifically focusing on the wedding.  Girls night with a fun movie and wine or a group workout class can be great ways to bond!  

3. Keep them informed.   If you expect them to go to all of your appointments with you, to pay thousands of dollars on a dress, to dedicate every single Saturday to wedding crafting or participate in a wedding flash mob... you need to let them know.  Your friends are wonderful people (after all, you wouldn't be their friend if that wasn't true!) and deserve to be treated fairly, it is never a good idea to spring things on them last minute.

4. Have Fun! Remember, your friends are your friends for a reason... so hang out with them! Go to concerts, grab coffee or dinner, not everything leading up to your wedding has to be wedding related.  

5. Help them feel special. Put a bio of them on your wedding website, include them in your program, introduce them at your bridal showers, whatever feels right to you.  If you want, you can even include them in dress decisions or other wedding decisions (disclaimer: this may depend on your crowd and how much you 'don't care' about the things the will help with) 

6. ALWAYS say thank you!  It is so important to let them know you are thankful for their help.  This could be conveyed via text, email, letter, buying them lunch on the way back from appointments anything that you want!  It is customary (and a great idea) to get your bridal party gifts before your wedding to thank them for all they have done!  Overall, make sure that your thanks is heartfelt.  

What's made you love being a wedding VIP? Tell us in the comments! 

Here's to a happy wedding party! 
Emma + Kaitlynn