Tips to Get in "Wedding Day Shape"

Hi friends, Emma here!  I wanted to write this post because I personally struggled with being 'in wedding day shape".  For my wedding day, I put a lot of pressure on needing to lose weight.  I took at least four exercise classes a week for over eight months before my wedding and I actually ended up gaining weight.  I didn't have proper nutrition and apparently didn't think what I ate mattered since I was 'working out so much'.  In the end, I was mad at myself for not 'losing the weight' I thought I would... and that is NOT how you want to feel on your day.  

I don't want what happened to me to happen to you, so I am going to share some tips and tricks to help you FEEL your best on your wedding day.  If that means you want to lose some weight... alright! If it means you want to tone your muscles, that is awesome!  If it means you want to stay where you are at, that is great too!  Whatever your goal may be, here are some tips and tricks to staying healthy and happy before the big day!

1. Feed yourself well! I am a firm believer of what you put in your body will effect how you feel.  I stress eat and it is very evident.  When I was stressed about my wedding, food was a definite comfort.  If you have the same problem, it may help to keep a food journal of everything you eat to see where you may be not nourishing yourself the best.  It also will help to eat tons of healthy and delicious foods... eat all the colors, fruits and veggies but make sure you have protein too :)  A good rule for me is to only buy good things, when I have lots of wonderful and nutritious foods to eat, I am less likely to snack on junk that isn't at my house.  

2. To quote Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!" Try a fun workout class! I have listed some of my favorites for you:

  • Pure Barre: PB is a GREAT class to tone those muscles. Classes are set up in a similar order each time with different exercises throughout. Your entire class moves through heart rate boosting moves for your arms, thighs, seat and abs. This class is really unlike anything you have tried focusing on isometric movements to make changes to your body. The best part: no running... and great music :) In the Lansing area? We recommend Pure Barre Okemos.

  • Yoga: Wow we are HUGE supporters of a good yoga class. One of the best things about yoga is the calming aspect. Simply breathing and repeating a mantra to yourself can really change your mindset. Yoga also helps you build muscle and discipline. When you have control with your body, you can do many great things. In the Lansing area? We recommend Yoga State or Firefly Hot Yoga Bar.

  • More into at home workouts? Give the XHIT Daily Youtube Channel a try! They have lots of fun and easy videos to follow and most are quick so lack of time won't be an easy excuse.

  • Zumba: If you want a high energy workout, give Zumba a try! It can be so fun to dance around and let loose, especially when the music is so fun. Most of the songs are official Zumba songs with some modern and classic hits thrown in. Check out the official Zumba website to look up a class in your area.

3. Drink a lot of water.  You have heard it said before and I will say it again, hydration is so important!  Water literally helps your body function correctly don't deprive it!  I love my new Hydro Flask that keeps my water cold all day! 

So wait, only three tips? Eat healthy, Exercise and Drink Water?  It really is that simple.  I will never ever say I am perfect and I am still working on my fitness journey but I hope you can be a little inspired by these tips and always remember, your happiness on your big day is most important :)