Five Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck

We've all been there - you're sitting next to Aunt Sally at your bestie's shower and then it's time to play another rousing round of What's In Your Purse. Queue the heavy sigh. We say no more! Today's post is for our bridesmaids and MOHs, struggling to find shower games that (honestly) don't suck. We've got our five favorite below.

Cake Tasting

Because who doesn't love cake? Set up a cake bar with bite sized pieces (think mini cupcakes, cake pops or our favorite cake push pops!)  and place the flavor in an envelope behind the cake. Guests take turn tasting the cake and guessing the flavors. Correct guests get a prize. Bonus points: give every guest a glass of champagne to help "cleanse the palette" in between bites!

Finish That Thought

A great alternative to a bridal shower guest book, and a fun way to get guests mingling, this casual game let's your guests complete thoughts like "Once Upon a Time.." and "You Know You're In Love When" on adorable note cards. Leave a few cards (along with some colorful pens) at every table and let guests complete the cards. When they're all done, the bride has a wonderful sentiment from the shower! We've got the card templates for you over at Martha Steward Weddings

Bridal Shower Cootie Catcher

We love a great middle school throwback and this cootie catcher is the perfect trick! For this game, a guest is chosen by  the bridesmaids. Spell the name of the person chosen as you move the cootie catcher in, out, and side-to-side in coordination with the letters. The guest then picks a number and you move the cootie catcher as you count. Last, but not least, the guest picks a number and opens the cootie catcher to reveal a task. Our favorite tasks include:

  • Make a Toast!

  • Give a relationship tip.

  • Tell your love story

  • Snap a funny photo.

  • Play 2 truths and a lie.

  • Share a fun fact about the bride or groom!

To make sure everyone gets to play, but no one gets bored, do a couple rounds every few minutes in between other shower events. 

He Said, She Said

One of the reasons we're not the biggest fans of shower games in general is that they can feel so impersonal - in this game, guests get to learn a little more about the bride and the groom - a wonderfully personal touch! Design a pretty quiz with 20 statements from both the bride and the groom. Ask guests to guess whether the bride or the groom made the statement and give prizes to the guest with the most correct answers! Make this a group activity by handing out lip + mustache signs that guests can hold up to guess who said what!

Recipe Box

Another sentimental take home for the bride, ask guests to share a favorite recipe with the bride! Share a range of recipes from casual to dinner-party-worthy or something especially sentimental (think Grandma's Pecan Pie or the first meal you cooked for your beau). At the end of the shower, the bride will head home with dozens of new recipes and some fantastic memories!


Do you have any favorite shower games that we missed? Share them in the comments!

Happy Friday!
Kaitlynn + Emma