Picking Your Date

After the glow of your new engagement dims... it is time to get to work!  Don't worry, this work is fun and ultimately you get to plan a fun and awesome day with your best friend so really it's the best!  One of the first things you want to do is pick your date!  When is this shin-dig going down?! It is important to consider a few things when picking the day you want to be married:

  • Length of Time: What type of a wedding are you having? The larger and more extravagant the event is, the more time you may need to pull it together. Just throwing a small affair? That could be quicker to plan! Once you decide what you want and how much time you need, you can start your finalizing plans.

  • Special Dates: Some people want to get married near their anniversary, or near their grandparent's anniversary or close to the anniversary of their first date. If you have a special date in mind, make sure to calculate how much time you have to plan and if it is realistic on your budget.

  • Dream Venue: You may find that your dream venue has already filled quickly for the date you were thinking of having your wedding. It is important to decide if you are flexible on the date or flexible on the venue or both! If your venue is non-negotiable, you may find yourself compromising on the day of your wedding.

  • Budget: It is cheaper to get married on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon, so you may opt for that in order to save money to spend on something else. Another thing to consider is the time of year. It is more expensive to get married in 'peak season' June-September so any other month should be more affordable to tie the knot. (A note on 'peak season' - this may vary for every venue! If you're looking to book a barn wedding, their peak season may start in May - banquet halls may stretch their 'peak season' to November. Just ask the venue coordinator when their rates change.)

  • Consult with your VIPs: If you have a few people that absolutely need to be there (hey cousin Sal!) talk to them and see if they have any 'no-no' days on the horizon, this just helps ensure that your favorites will be there to support you.

  • Conflict Days: If your family loves hunting, they may hate you for planning your wedding on the opening day of deer season (it happens). Got some people who love their Christmas traditions? They may not love spending Christmas day celebrating your nuptials. Let's not even mention college football fans, every fall Saturday is OUT!

Ultimately, this list is just here to provide a guide....You do you!  Always weigh your options and make the right decision for you and your love!

Emma + Kaitlynn