Ten Registry Dos + Don'ts

Registering can be super fun or  super stressful.  We are here to spread some happy and helpful tips to make your registry experience THE BEST THING EVER.  


  1. Research Items. Do some digging around online to figure out where you want to register and figure out what you want to register for. (Check our Pinterest board for ideas ) You can also find some helpful lists like this one from our friends at The Knot.

  2. Register at Multiple Stores. It is always a good idea to give your guests options. Some people who will be purchasing gifts will want to spend a lot of money and some will not. Make sure you register at stores that offer different price points and have easy delivery and shopping options (in-store, online, catalog, telephone ordering etc.)

  3. Register for everything you need. This is your chance people!!! This is the time to ask for that Kitchen Aid mixer you have always wanted (and will use) as well as that lemon zester or cheese slicer you felt silly buying for yourself.

  4. Talk things over with your partner. People have different styles and taste but that doesn't mean you and your love can't come to agreement (and hopefully, you will agree most of the time). Make sure to discuss some things you want before you go especially things that will be used often or seen often. Take into account things you already own collectively especially if things are old and need replacing or brand new that need using. (Unfortunately, this means you do have to consider if your fiancé desperately wants the Jimmy Buffet Margarita Blender, because apparently that's the only way to have perfectly blended drinks.)

  5. Have fun! This should be a fun experience. If you and your fiancé are not enjoying yourself anymore... you can leave! No one says this has to be done in one day, you can always go back and pick more items later. Just make sure you are smiling and if not, take a break :)


  1. Don't listen to the salesperson (basically) Sometimes, people in the store will have helpful advice especially about how to physically use registry guns, where to find items in store etc.  Other times, they have been trained to guide you to register for higher end items as well as some items you don't need (oh, are you really going to put lotion in this lotion dispenser?  You really do NEED it right?)  There is nothing wrong with asking for higher end items or a lotion dispenser if you really want them and will use them...but you do you, don't follow advice if it doesn't match your vibe.  

  2. Don't register on an empty stomach.  It may sound like a great idea to make a little date of registering.... going out to dinner or lunch when you are finished... no, no, no.  Registering for gifts is something you need to do with food (and maybe a drink) in your belly.  No one likes to complete tedious tasks when they are hungry especially because hungry turns to hangry reallll quick.  If you want to 'make a day of it' consider going somewhere BEFORE to grab a light meal and drink (if you prefer).  You don't want to be so full that you are uncomfortable or so buzzed that you can't focus!

  3. Don't wait till the last minute.  Some people live very scheduled and organized lives (#goals) and they will want to see your registry before the week of your shower or wedding.  Make sure your registry is completed at least a few weeks before any major gift receiving event.  This will also save you from feeling stressed and rushed!

  4. Don't double up.  If you asked for a really nice set of pans at Williams-Sonoma, you don't need to ask for another set at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  If you end up with doubles, you will end up having a lot of decisions to make and a lot of returning to do.  

  5. Don't put your registry information on your wedding invitation or any enclosures within. It's sort of like saying 'here is an invite to my wedding, you better bring something good'. A better way to spread the word is to add it to your wedding website, or include in a bridal shower invitation. Word of mouth also works; your close friends and family can always help answer if asked :)

Hope these tips are helpful and as always, you can shoot questions our way in our comment section!  Happy registering!


Emma + Kaitlynn