How to Plan A Successful Shower

Happy Tuesday friends! You know that we love our #ALDbridesmaids just as much as our brides, which is why today, we're helping you successfully check off one big item on your BMTDL (bridesmaid to-do list!) - planning the shower! And not only that, but a successful shower. Like any event, the key to a *ahem* kick-ass shower is to create a stellar party vibe while maintaining a logistically sound timeline. Not complicated at all, right? So today - check out our tips for making your bff's upcoming shower a super-fun occasion!  

  1. Decide on a 'Theme' This doesn't need to be complicated or thought of too much, just pick something the bride loves! You could go for her favorite movie... Breakfast at Tiffany's is always a classic. Maybe the bride loves the color pink... pink can be a theme. Whatever you decide on, it will help to direct your decorating decisions.

  2. Serve Good Food! Listen, not everyone likes a shower but everyone does love good food. Whether catered or homemade, make sure there is food to suit every taste. Consider doing a parfait or mimosa bar for a brunch shower or a customized creation! You could also throw a fun dinner party shower with different courses if your bride is a foodie who loves an old school throwback!

  3. Get the party started. Does anyone really want to play Bingo with gifts AGAIN? There are plenty of fun and new bridal shower games to play. Check out our previous post for a few great ideas!

  4. Stay organized. Communicate with the bride about who should be invited to the shower. When she sends you a list, keep track of rsvps, addresses and invitees on an excel spreadsheet. You can always reference this list for updated guest count. Depending on how extravagant the shower is, you may have a lot of moving parts! Set up a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox to keep communication open between you and the bride during the planning process.

  5. Don't have a lot of downtime. If there is a lot of unscheduled time, guests may get annoyed... 'let's get the show on the road!' Keep your guests busy and there won't be a problem!

  6. Implement fun, new ideas! Maybe you want to have a selfie station or photo booth, maybe you want everyone to use a hashtag for their pictures. Increasing the fun and new ideas will increase guest enjoyment.

  7. Create a killer playlist. Silence can sometimes be awkward. If you put together a playlist that everyone is sure to enjoy, you can guarantee the silence won't be a problem. Make sure to keep the music at a good volume in order for conversations to still occur! (For a favor, make burn CDs with the shower playlist {yes, we still love a good CD} and include them in your guest favors!)

  8. Give fun & meaningful favors. There are so many homemade (or Etsy made) that you can get for your guests. Local items can be a great idea too. Include a treat that's special to the the bride, like her favorite tea or popcorn flavor. Or, go the personalized route and treat your guests to monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie! Whatever you choose, something that shows you've gone that extra mile makes your guests feel even more special.

We know that any #ALDbridesmaids have what it takes to throw a memorable + exciting shower for your bride! Let us know if you have any fun ideas that have worked for you in the comments below!


Emma and Kaitlynn