Beyond the Veil: Nurturing our Relationships

Hey friends! 

It's Kaitlynn, here to write about something that I love - wine Valentine's Day!

You may know if you've Insta-Stalked me, but I am a *huge* fan of Lara Casey's Powersheets. I love the idea of intentional goal setting, I love the idea of digging deep and getting messy with what works and what doesn't, and I love the idea of purposefully creating a life that matters (whatever that means to you!). One of the feature's of the Powersheets that really resonates with me is the notion of "tending" to your relationships. Carrying Lara's metaphor, friendships are a huge part of our garden of life and, just like actual veggies, they need to be tended to remain strong and supportive.  And in today's world where "busy" is rewarded and honored, the reminder that we need to take care of our relationships really resonates with me. 

So back to Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day for a lot of reasons, all of which have very little to do with the Hallmark-aspect of the holiday (I'm a Papyrus girl, myself). Andy and I typically celebrate Valentine's day in a really low-key way (House of Cards + Italian take-out? YES.), but with my ladies, I like to get a little more creative.  À la Leslie Knope. 

So today's post, my sweet blog friends, is going to try and throw a little inspiration your way for nurturing your own lady-relationships (mom, sister, bff or otherwise!). Emma will be here next week to talk about sweet ways to honor the beau in your life, but for now, let's do a little celebrating of #girlpower. 

1. Send some snail mail. Yes - it's nice to have friends that you are in an on-running text conversation with (here's looking at you, Emma), but there's something wonderfully exciting about getting a card in the mail for no reason. Back in October, my sister and I started sending cards to each other regularly. They have their own line of conversation completely separate from  texts or phone calls, and I adore them. She once sent me an entire card dedicated to her inability to get beans out of a can. I cried from laughing so hard. This tiny tradition has added another layer to our already strong relationship. So go pick up a pack of stationery and send out a few notes to your best girlfiends to remind them how much you love them! 

2. Schedule time to listen and support their lives.  You know that one of my resolutions to be a better partner to Andy was to truly listen. And the same can be said for my non-romantic relationships. Who here has run in to a friend and spat out the line "Let's get coffee soon!"? Me. Me all the time. But the beauty, friends, is in the follow-through. Take a minute to call that friend up and actually schedule a coffee date. When you're there, turn your phone off and tune into what's going on in their life. Emma and I have always been close friends, but it wasn't until about this time last year that we decided to make regular dates to see each other - and look where that brought us!

3. Try something new together. Once a month, bring all your ladies together to try your hand at something new. Whether it's one of those paint while you drink classes, a flower arranging workshop or a cooking class, the act of getting together to do something is a great way to nurture your friendships.  Personally, I've been eyeing these classes at Sweet Heather Anne's for awhile.

4. Start a tradition. I'm gonna be honest - The Bachelor is just not my thing. But (!!)  I love it when I hear of a group of girlfriends who routinely get together with each other to do something as small as watch a TV show. So maybe it's catching up on some trashy TV together or Sunday morning coffee dates, but taking a friendship to the next level is as simple as starting a routine. 

5. Remember the small stuff.  I love the Southern tradition of  surcees - a gift given unexpectedly or for no reason at all.  I think there's something really special when you can show people that you've been listening to them, but sometimes it's hard to remember all those little details. So ladies, I'm going to share a little hack with you. A while ago, I started an on-running note on my iPhone. In there, I keep a list of "little detail" things (like people's favorite wine, memorable dates, gift ideas, etc.) so that when I feel like giving a little surcee, I can remember who drinks Riesling over Moscato and who prefers Garden Roses to Tulips.

Remember - Valentine's Day is all about showering those important people in your life with a little extra love! Hopefully these tips can help you out. If you've got a favorite way you connect with those VIPs in your life, leave it in the comments!