Etiquette: Invitation Enclosures

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We're sure you're thinking - how complicated is an invitation that it could require three blog posts (see one and two here) but we promise this is good stuff! Today, as the last part in our invitation series, we're covering enclosures - all those extra tiny cards that fill in the gaps for your guests and make your planning life a little easier. Not sure which ones you'll need to complete your invitation? Read on, friends:

The Response Card

This is the most common enclosure and is included in nearly every wedding invitation we've ever received. The response card allows guests to easily RSVP for your big day. These cards are normally just for the reception, not for the ceremony, and should have a space for invitees to write their name (remember the importance of properly addressing the inner envelope!) and indicate whether or not they will attend. Alaways include the date that you'd like to receive RSVPs. Aim for four weeks prior to your event if the invitation is sent out eight weeks in advance, three weeks prior to your event if the invitation is sent out six weeks in advance. Remember that most venues and caterers will require a headcount two weeks prior to you event, so plan for time to track down thos pesky late RSVP-ers!

The M precedes the space where the guest can write their name, invited children or their plus-ones (a great way to make place cards easier!). If you are allowing guests a choice of entree, include a space for them to indicate on the response card. Make sure to include a pre-addressed, stamped envelop so that all the guest has to do is quickly fill out the card and drop it in the mail! Ensure that the card is properly stamped by taking a completed response card and envelope to the post office to be weighed and checked for correct postage. 

Reception Card

If the invitation to your reception is separate from the invitation to your ceremony, include it on a smaller reception card. The reception card is placed in the envelope in front of the invitation to the wedding ceremony. 

Pew Card

A pew card is a small card printed with "Pew Number { }" or "Within Ribbon" to be included in invitations to family and friends who are to be seated in the reserved area at your ceremony. Guests take the cards with them to the ceremony and show the ushers in order to be seated in the correct place. "Within the Ribbon" cards mean that an area of seats or pews has been marked off with ribbon for VIP guests. 

Note that Pew Cards can be sent out separately after the RSVPs have been received, when the number of reserved seats needed will be known. 

Admission Card

An admission card is necessary only if your wedding is being held in a popular venue where the space is open to the public and tourists may be attracted. In order to guarantee seating in the areas open for the ceremony, guests must present an admission card at the entrance. The cards are printed in the same style as the invitation and read: 

At Home Cards

The at home card is included in the wedding invitation to let friends and family know the address of the bride and groom, if they did not previously live together. The date included indicates the date they will return from their honeymoon. At home cards are an easy and simple way to let guests know if the bride will keep her maiden name or not. At home cards would read as follows:

Rain Cards

Ah - our last enclosure - the rain card! A great way to combat confusion if you're planning an outdoor ceremony or reception and bad weather strikes. Include a rain card to indicate where guests should move should weather turn (which is always possible in Michigan!). These cards should read, "In case of rain, the ceremony and reception will take place at 429 Magnolia Lane, Birmingham". 

That's it ladies! You've got it all and should be prepared to head out into the invitation world confident of in your knowledge and ready to take on the details! Do you still have questions? Confusion? Pop your questions in the comment box below!

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Kaitlynn + Emma