Staying Organized

Hey friends! Emma here. 

When I was planning my wedding, organization was one of my top priorities.  I remember setting up my wedding binder, buying supplies to get started... it made me feel so prepared, like I could maybe be POTUS with all the things that I knew! I am a chronic double checker and it is so much easier to double check things when your information is organized and up to date.  With that said, I truly believe that one of the most important things during wedding planning is staying organized!   Making sure that everything is in an easily accessible place will make everything so much simpler and stress free.  These tips helped me immensely during my wedding planning process and I hope they help you too:

  1. Create a Wedding Email. We love gmail... so easy to use! Using only one email will ensure that you keep all of your information in one place. Make sure that you and your fiance both know the login information. You can create folders and labels for your emails based on your various vendors.

  2. Keep a Binder. Many of your vendors will provide you with a hard copy of your contracts and other general information. Just like your email, you should separate information in your binder with labeled tab dividers in order to find things quickly when you are searching!

  3. Take Notes. You may think that you will remember everything your vendors discuss with you but with so many details being exchanged it is easy to get confused or forget things. You should always bring a notebook, planner, computer or tablet to keep track of details that are discussed.

  4. Use a Planner/Calendar! Speaking of planners... it will help so much to have a calendar with important dates like vendor meetings and payment due dates. (If you've seen our Insta, you know were are a huge fan of the Simplified Planner!) If you end up using gmail, there is an awesome calendar feature that is easy to share with your fiancé and anyone else who needs to access it. You can also share calendars on your iPhone so really just use whatever format is best for you.

  5. Use a Timeline. There are many timelines that are available for free to track where you should be at certain points during the process (like our One Year Out & 8 - 10 months out posts). Keep track with a timeline to make sure you aren't forgetting anything or falling behind.

  6. Set Aside Designated Time. Wedding related things will of course come up throughout the week and you can deal accordingly. It is also helpful to set aside an hour or two per week where you and your fiancé focus just on the wedding. You can use your timeline information to track what you need to talk about.

Hope these tips help you to stay organized and on top of everything!  If you have a tip that keeps you on top of wedding planning, share it in the comments below! You got this!!!