Celebrating Valentine's Day with Your Beau

Label Valentine's Day as a Hallmark holiday all you want but there is something to be said about showing the people you love that you love them with special gestures and spontaneous happiness that really makes us smile.  On that note, we wanted to share with you some fun date ideas for Valentine's Day this year!

1.Try a new restaurant!  

Sometimes in relationships it is SO easy to fall into routines.  Restaurants, grocery stores, we always go to the same ones!  This Valentine's Day, take your love to a new place! Maybe try a new cuisine like Thai or Ethiopian food.  Or go to a new place that you have always wanted to try but just haven't found the right time.  Wherever you end up, order something you have never had before!  Waiter suggestions are usually super helpful so have them surprise you with what they bring. 

2. Play some games!  

Sometimes in our technology filled world, we forget to talk to each other and experience things together.  Take the night to put your phones away and turn the tv off (although we are always a fan of a good playlist!)  Bringing a bit of friendly competition into the mix can be a great way to add just the right amount of excitement to your night.  Sequence and Blokus both have two player versions that are so fun and there is always the classic Scrabble to get your brain juices flowing :)

3.Try a DIY Project. 

Now, this isn't for everyone, some couples self destruct when they have to build something... but if you like to roll up your shirt sleeves and dive in... give it a try!  Find something on your pinterest board that you just haven't had time to work on, something that you both would like to use and have at it!  Make sure you have all the materials you need and of course some brewskis.

4. Go to a Museum.

Seems like it has been awhile since you went to a museum in your hometown?  They update and change things often so give it a try.  There are so many options from Natural History to Art there is bound to be something you will love.  Set a goal with your honey to learn three new things and share them with each other at the end of the night!

5. Take an Ice Cream Tour! 

Listen, ice cream is legit delicious and you are adults so why can't you do this?  Pick a few ice cream joints to visit and buy a different kind at each place to share and try... be adventurous!  When the night is over, you can slip into an ice cream induced coma while you relax and watch a movie together. 

6. Go on your own bar crawl

(make sure you have a safe method of transportation!) Seems like every other day a new brewery pops up (not complaining!) so take advantage of the booming craft beer industry and visit a few new places.  Grab some great food at the first place you stop.. .no one should drink on an empty stomach :)

Whatever you do this Valentine's day, make sure that you enjoy that time with your significant other.  It is so important to unplug and be present.


Emma and Kaitlynn