The Candy Bar

Let’s have a serious chat about candy.  First off, whenever we refer to a "candy bar" as such, people get confused.  Are you talking about a Hershey bar or a Crunch bar?  NO! WE MEAN A TABLE FILLED WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF CANDY! So maybe we should call it a candy buffet…but we don’t want to! Candy is one of the best things in the world and honestly we feel very passionate about it.  Just stating the facts.  So, having candy at a wedding is really just the cherry on top of an awesome day.  As we mentioned in our previous blog about some top favor ideas, candy bars are one of our favorites and rightfully so.  At my wedding, the candy bar was one of the biggest hits!

With all of that said, we wanted to share some ideas for a candy bar as well as some tips to making sure it is perfect for your big day!

1.     Consider temperature and venue. Before you can decide if a candy bar is for you, you need to make sure it is doable.  If your venue is outside on a hot July day, your candy may melt and that’s no good!  Additionally, some venues don’t allow outside food to be brought in, so you must check to see if it is ok. 

2.     Decide if there is a theme.  Some people really like their candy bar to have a theme; mostly a color palette that matches their wedding colors.  While stylistically, this looks awesome… it doesn’t usually allow for sour patch kids (and really, without sour patch kids, what’s the point?)

 Sidebar: If you decide to go with a colored theme, there are m&ms that you can order with custom words on them and of course, custom colors.  Also, gum balls are easy to get in specific colors and so are jelly beans :) 

3.     Pick out crowd favorites. Maybe it is just me but those pink pepto bismol ‘wintergreen lozenges’ are horrible. #emmaisacandysnob Try to pick out candy that is universally loved: Swedish fish, skittles, sour patch kids, m&ms, chewy sweet tarts, twizzlers, tootsie rolls! Things that are easily scoop-able and devoured.

4.     Provide awesome (small) take away containers. There are many different container styles but one thing to consider is: the bigger the container, the more people take.  Try to go with a small bag, take out box or jar. You can always customize them with cute stickers or stamps.  Small containers will help to ensure there is candy for everyone!

5.     Create different visual levels. Tables are flat (obviously!) so try to create some different levels with your vessels of candy.   It will look so good when you can see it all there.  You can also use crates and boxes that are painted or stained to match your theme to stack things on to enhance that layered effect. 

Hope these tips were helpful!  As always, let us know if you have questions or suggestions in our comments below!


Emma and Kaitlynn