Six Trends We Love: Reception Edition

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday!!!  We are so excited for the weekend and we know you are too!  Weekends are full of fun, happiness and relaxation.  So, let's start it off right by talking about something fun and... TRENDY! 

Sometimes trends can get us into trouble (I'm talking to you 1980s hair styles and horrible bridal gowns... you are the contents of my nightmares) One of our favorite things here at ALD is when wedding trends are classic and fun and won't make you look back on your big day in disbelief and embarrassment.  We wanted to share with you six of our top trends for wedding receptions this year.  These trends are are classy and awesome (mostly food and beverage related... #thebestpartofaparty?) and won't have you wishing you had gone in a different direction.  

  1. Family Style Receptions: What could be better than creating a cozy and intimate reception where your guests feel right at home?! We love the intimate setting and feel of a shared meal between table mates. Whether using farm tables or rounds, you can ask your caterer to serve Family Style for a more unique and laid back vibe.

  2. Farm to Table Meals: We love a good meal featuring local foods. Wedding guests from out of town will especially love the meal curated with local produce they may not have gotten a chance to try before. Not only is the local factor fun but local food ensures your meal will be as fresh as possible since it didn't have to travel :)

  3. Signature Cocktails: ALD loves a good cocktail feature. If you and your honey have some favorites, share them with your guests. Try putting a twist on a classic drink like making a mule with cranberry juice or adding lavender to a vodka lemonade. You can also take a classic drink and give it a fun name!

  4. The Late Night Snack: In life, there comes a time when consuming drinks of a certain type leads to hunger of mass proportions. There is nothing worse than a hungry guest so, why not take care of it before it happens. Having a late night snack provides your guests the fuel they need to keep going. Plus, who doesn't love some mini sliders or pizza, man, snacks are the best.

  5. A Delightful Home-Baked Favor: As we mentioned in our Favorite Favors Post, baking a homemade treat that has a significance in your family is the ultimate reception gift! Guests will see that you put a lot of time and love into their experience at your wedding and will really appreciate the gesture, and the yummy goodies!

  6. An Experience: Guests appreciate when you go above and beyond to create something memorable for them to participate in. Whether it is a lantern launch, a sparkler send-off or a bonfire pit, everyone is sure to talk about the fun things you did to commemorate your marriage and celebrate with your family and friends!

We hope these ideas inspire you to add a little something special to your wedding reception.  As always, we LOVE to hear your ideas.  Comment below with your favorite reception trend!


Emma and Kaitlynn