Finding Your Voice

Happy Wednesday Friends!  

In the words of Mrs. George "I'm gonna make you girls a hump-day treat!" (I don't know if writing a blog counts as 'making' something but... semantics) This post is all about finding your voice in wedding planning!

I got engaged right after I graduated college, so my first year in the 'real world' was filled with new things!  A new job, new living situation, and, ya know... planning my wedding.  To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I am always one to let other people help me out, I just never realized how many people would offer that to me.  I had so many people: parents, friends, cousins, co-workers, people at the gym offering their advice.  Not wanting to be rude, I always listened and researched things they told me, though, my gut often told me it was a waste of time. I just never wanted to offend anyone. I wanted to pass along some advice that I wish I had followed when going through my wedding planning process so you don't experience some of the things that I did!

Listen to your Heart (when he's calling for youuuu)

Really, your gut reactions are often the most true to yourself.  In every situation ask yourself, what is my gut telling me to do?  If a situation doesn't feel right, no matter who presented the idea to you, you do not have to go with it.  

Have Honest Conversations

It may be difficult to go against other people's wishes especially when they are financially contributing to the wedding.  Always remember, the people who love and care about you most will value your opinion no matter what.  So, if your mom really has her heart set on chartreuse as your bridesmaid dress colors and that makes you want to vomit... know that your mom will understand if you have an open and honest conversation about why you want to make another call. NEVER feel scared or out of place doing this.  At the end of the day, you (and your love) are the ones these decisions reflect upon, they should be a summary and culmination of things you like :)

Hire a Planner

I know in my profession you may say 'Well OBVIOUSLY you would say that!" Genuinely I tell you, not hiring a planner and not hiring a videographer are my biggest wedding regrets. Above all else, planners are on your team.  They are going to back you up and answer your confusing questions.  I wish I had someone around me to reassure me and guide me through the process while helping me make my own decisions.  My lack of initial knowledge really hurt my confidence and to find your voice, you need confidence in yourself!

Use Your Fiancé

Not in the taking advantage/making them do manual labor type way (though, some of them are great at building things like fun seating charts and decorations!)  I am talking the emotional stability way.  Wedding planning together will be a great exercise for stress management and confidence building as a couple.  Talk with each other constantly and figure out what is important to you both!  You always have a natural teammate in your partner so know that they will support your opinions.

These things can really make all the difference!  At the end of the day, be confident in yourself and seek help from the right avenues who will back you up in times of need!