Enjoying Your Engagement

Enjoying Your Engagement

Kaitlynn and I  like to talk about Seasons of Life. As humans, we may think that we need to be in a certain place or doing something based on our peers experiences but the idea that we live our lives in "seasons" means that simply isn't true.  When Kaitlynn and I talk about the Seasons of Life, it always reaffirms our belief that we should live in our current season and enjoy it.  So, today, I want to talk about the season of Engagement.  

Being engaged is a wonderful thing.  The engagement itself is such an exciting event!!! There is a downside however... transition mode!  'When is the wedding?' 'Where are you getting married?' 'What does your dress look like?' the list of questions goes on and on.  While these questions aren't rude, condescending or improper, they do prompt a feeling of unease in your position.  People only seem to care about the wedding.

I get it.  It is naturally very exciting to go to a wedding, to talk about them and plan them, after all, isn't that what an engagement is intended to lead to? However, I think there is great joy in being engaged and want you to focus on that joy!  

Build your Relationship

Though I hope you have discussed some of life's bigger questions before someone pops the question, there is still plenty to talk about and lots to do during your engagement!  Try connecting with your fiancé on a deeper level, by asking questions that strengthen your relationship and build a solid foundation for your marriage. You can do something different that you have never done before but always wanted to try.  Rock climbing, joining a book club together, dance lessons, cooking classes, so many fun things to do!  Something different that you can do together will allow you to look back and say 'Remember when we got engaged and started rock climbing? That was so great".

Nurture your Friendships

Being married is great because you have a live-in bestie who you can always rely on.  While I obviously LOVE my man, I also think it's vital to have friendships outside of marriage.  Those few close friends you can complain about your stupid mid-twenties life-crisis to or go shopping with, who don't mind evaluating 500 outfits only to have you not buy anything.  You don't have to see your friends every day or even every week but having those friendships will always be important.  

Work Together

Be a team, a united front.  Decide on ideas for your wedding together, talk about your hopes and dreams for your perfect day and work together to make it happen.  This may mean working on a DIY project together, picking vendors together or shopping for favors for your guests.  There are plenty of 'fun' aspects of planning that can be done together for a faster, easier and more enjoyable experience.  

Schedule your Planning Time

Don't let wedding planning consume you.  It is easy to get lost pinning ideas, talking with vendors and family. You will be overwhelmed if you don't allow yourself to also live your life!  Delegate tasks to friends, family and wedding professionals to free up your time to live in the moment and be excited.  

Though this list isn't all encompassing, I hope it gets your brain thinking about the goodness of the Engagement Season.  Thanks so much for reading!