Creating the Perfect Emergency Kit

It's no secret that we are huge fans of The Emergency Kit.  You never know when a bridesmaid dress will be too long (hello safety pins) or when those ADORABLE shoes will give you blisters (thank you band aids!)  We wanted to share with you some of our favorite items to include in your emergency kit.  (If you are an ALD Bride, have no fear... we got you covered)

The List 

  • Safety Pins: Seriously, we haven't been to a wedding where these weren't needed. Whether it is hiding a stray bra strap, canvassing some unexpected cleavage or shortening a dress that was meant for heels and ended up with flats, safety pins are our besties!

  • Umbrellas: Listen, if you have them it won't rain... right? So, be prepared with at least two to ward off any unneeded sprinkles.

  • Spray Deodorant: If there is a bridesmaid out there who hasn't been stinky midway through reception dancing, we want to meet you and have you share your secrets. Spray deodorant is sanitary for anyone and everyone to use and will help you stay *So Fresh, So Clean* all night long.

  • Static Guard: While we love dresses with light fabric, they can get static-y quick. Nothing more awkward than a dress clinging tightly to the booty... avoid it with Static Guard, seriously it is ah-mazing.

  • Bobby Pins and Hair Ties: This one seems obvious but we will say it anyways, fixing those stray hairs or even making a boutonniere into a corsage (enter... the hair tie safety pin trick) these will be used for sure.

  • Shoe Laces: Those groomsmen will do anything to create a little drama, including breaking a shoelace. Having a few extra on hand can be so helpful. Sidenote: a bride's corset top can also be tied with a shoelace when her string goes missing!

  • Scissors: We love our scissors. Cutting open new makeup, clothing, wrapping a present, cutting off those annoying hanger assist straps that like to stick out... scissors will help with all your random wedding day needs.

  • Snacks: Sometimes, people forget to eat when they are excited.... or they don't eat because they want to fit in their special outfits... well not eating can lead to our least favorite thing... passing out! Always have a melt-free option for your bridal party! We are huge fans of a crunchy granola bar a la Nature Valley.

  • Lotion: The dry skin, hair flyaway fix all, we love having a gentle lotion that everyone can use, even those with sensitive skin.

  • Shout Wipes! Have y'all used these because they are amazing, especially with removing makeup stains. We love them for a quick fix especially on a beautiful white gown.

  • Crochet Hook: Have you ever tried to hook those pretty loops on the back of a wedding dress UNDER PRESSURE?! Listen, it happens and believe us, you want a crochet hook to help out. It will be your best friend. You may even name it and buy it dinner.

This list is not at all comprehensive, just includes some of our faves for the day of.  What did we leave off that you love?  What were you missing on your big day that would have made it so much easier?  Leave us a comment below!


Emma & Kaitlynn