Celebrating Two Years

Today, A Lovely Day officially turns two. It's hard to articulate what that means to us.

This company started as a day-dream. Not the "one day, if we work hard" kind of day-dream, but the "in this crazy alternate universe that couldn't possibly ever be true" day-dream. In 2011 - the height of the Pinterest years - Emma and I would sit in our tiny office in Case Hall at Michigan State, lamenting some of our managerial stress, and we'd sketch out and dream up grand, themed weddings (guys, it was the height of the Pinterest years) for our closest friends. 

If only we could have saved some of those Disney-themed wedding sketches. Gems, I tell you.

We imagined company names, doodled logos, and said "wouldn't it be fun if...". But then reality always struck - we were about to graduate, and who spends four years working hard towards a degree only to not use it? It was a scary concept. One we weren't ready for - yet.

Fast-forward to early 2015. Emma and I met up for champagne (how apropos) on the patio of one of our favorite East Lansing wine-spots on an unseasonably warm and sunny April day. Maybe it was the bubbly, maybe we were finally "ready", but when we got in our respective cars that evening, A Lovely Day had a name, the start of a business plan and two women prepared to do a hell-of-alot of problem solving.

We started meeting weekly at a tucked away coffee shop on the Eastside of Lansing. Neither of us were quite ready to tell people what we were working on; it's a vulnerable place, right? But as the months moved forward, we slowly let people in on our "secret project". We filed paperwork with the state, secured social media platforms, started to build a website and in October of that year, put together our first styled shoot.

Our crazy alternate world dream was starting to come to fruition. 

Two years ago today, crowded around the computer in my tiny apartment, we launched. We put on Disney music, we danced, we told each other "it's gonna be fine!" a million times. 

Then came the harder part: running an actual company. A living and breathing company with problems we didn't always know the answer to - but that, my friends, is where self-determination and a whole lot of Google kicked in. Our mantra became:

you can do hard things

Now we're here: two wedding seasons later. There has been so much change - not only in our company, but who we are as people. When you're constantly surrounded by amazing people - people on a mission to love and serve their clients well, people realizing and building their dreams, people who love and support you when you need it most - it's hard to not walk away as a better and stronger person.

That's what this company has provided to us: strength. gratitude. so. much. love. 

Sometimes when I'm driving by myself, late at night, on my way home from a client meeting, I'll get overwhelmed with emotion that this is what we get to do with our lives. That we've built and nurtured a dream that now allows us to serve the most amazing clientele. To be a part of the most joy-filled parts of peoples lives. This is a privilege that Emma and I hold deeply. 

I feel like this is a love-letter that could just go on and on. So instead, we'll just say this: thank you.

To our husbands, friends, family, loved-ones, past/present/future clients, vendors, vendors who became friends, role models, mentors, quiet supporters, blog readers, tech all-stars, and Starbucks baristas who have made our company possible: thank you.

Without you, we wouldn't be here. Without you, we wouldn't be prepared for whatever lies ahead. 

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