Our Five Tips to Save You from Save the Date Stress

Image by our friend  Cory Weber .

Image by our friend Cory Weber.

First come loves, then comes marriage -- but before you say “I do”, you have to send out those pesky Save the Dates. And friends, it is essentially Save the Date season!

One of the things we hear most from our couples? Google is overwhelming. Google the simplest of wedding questions and you’ll get 20+ different answers. Most of which are wrong. #truth

So today, we’re encouraging you to ditch Google and dive into our tips below!


Understanding the Format

The first decision to make when building your Save the Date? Format.

In this day and age, there are so many mediums for a Save the Date. You can go with a  traditional card-in-envelope, quirky with a magnet, budget-conscience with a postcard or even tech-savvy with an online Save the Date!

How do you know which is right for you? We have three factors to consider:

  • Budget

  • Guest List

  • Wedding Vibe

Budget: If you’re trying to be a little more cost-conscience, Save the Dates are a great place to save on your overall stationery budget.Try a postcard or online Save the Date. If your budget is a little more generous, the Save the Date is a beautiful place to set the overall tone for your wedding - it’s the first tangible wedding item your guests will see!

Guest List: Is your crowd on the younger side (and a little more fluent in the internet?) or do you have a larger contingency of older adults? Make sure that your Save the Date is accessible to your entire guest list.

Wedding Vibe: Are you having a black tie affair or more of a backyard bbq celebration? Make sure that your Save the Date doesn’t stray too far from the end-goal aesthetic of your wedding. We’re not saying that your Save the Date can’t be different from the invitation suite, but continuity is important!


Set the Tone

Whether you’re having your Save the Dates custom designed or you’re purchasing from a company like Minted, the sky is the limit when it comes to design!

Even if you haven’t fully fleshed out your wedding design, ask yourself these few questions to help guide the decision making process:

  • Am I striving for a bold and graphic wedding design or am I looking for something more romantic?

  • What metallic do I gravitate towards? Silver, gold or rose gold? No metallic at all?

  • How do I want my wedding to be perceived? A luxurious soiree, a romantic and intimate affair, a casual gathering of loved ones? Something in between?

Let the answers to those questions guide you through the design process. If you’re looking to create an intimate romantic with gold accents throughout, avoid a Save the Date with bold typographic elements to insure continuity throughout the stationery design.


Share the Right Information

The key to a perfect Save the Date is to provide guests with the right amount of information. What do guests need to know?

  • Wedding Date

  • Wedding Location

  • Wedding Website

A few other things to note?

Keep your wedding location to a city and state (or city and country if you’re hosting a destination wedding).

Make sure your wedding website is up-to-date by time you pop those Save the Dates in the mail. Your wedding website will give guests a deeper look at your celebration and fill them in on more important info.


Know Who You’re Sending To

Now comes for the not-so-fun part. Finalizing that guest list.

We lovingly say that weddings are the perfect time to get real about rank-ordering all the people in your life. But honestly, that’s kind of what it is.

So, first questions first, who should actually get a Save the Date?

Anyone who is on your A-List Guest List.

And who shouldn’t get a Save the Date?

Everyone else.

You see, the Save the Date is essentially the promise that you’ll be sending along an invitation. You friends and family will use this to carve out time on their schedule, start making plans to travel to your celebration...you get the picture. Don’t send a Save the Date to someone you don’t fully intend on sending an invitation too. It can be hurtful and confusing for guests. 

You’ll be surprised that you’ll hear back pretty quickly from A-listers who are unable to attend. Then you can fill in those gaps with your B-list.

Pro-Tip: Always order a few extra Save the Dates for last minute additions and your detail shots of the wedding. Generally 5-10 additional Save the Dates should do the trick!


Address Perfection

Friends, if there was one magical thing we wish every human being was instilled with upon birth, it would be the ability to understand how to properly address and read an invitation, because the struggle is real.

So much so that we’ve done a post on proper addressing!

Looking for a quick overview? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Some families may get multiple Save the Dates. Why? Children over 18 (regardless of where they live) should receive their own Save the Date. Make sure you specify if they are receiving a plus one.

  • Inviting an entire family? Make that clear. If you’re inviting Jim and Jane Smith, plus their three children (under 18!), their Save the Date should read

    • Jim and Jane Smith and Family

    • The Smith Family

  • Plus ones matter. If you’re allocating the space for a guest to bring a plus one, make sure it says so on the Save the Date. Same goes for if you are not.

Finally, follow these two mail tips to make sure your perfectly design, perfectly addressed to the intended recipient:

  • Make sure to include a return address. Even after using a fine tooth comb on that guest list, we always find that one or two Save the Dates make their way back to us!

  • Head to the post office to get a professional opinion on postage! If your Save the Date is an odd size or weighs a little more, you could need additional postage. Don’t start off your guest experience with a bill from the mailman!


We know that Save the Dates can be stressful, but with these tips we're sure you'll handle the process like a pro! Still have questions? Drop us a note in the comments or send a note to our inbox

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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