Four Things Your Wedding Website Needs

Image by  Brad and Jen

Image by Brad and Jen

When you’re staring down the long to-do list of planning a wedding, a wedding website can end up feeling like just another thing to-do. But we’re here to tell you that a great wedding website, one that’s chock-full of details, can end up saving you hours of time as you get closer to the big day.

How? Simply put: you’ll no longer be the only access point to the information your guests need to know. Not only will a great wedding website help your guests navigate the logistical aspects of your big day, but it also allows your friends, family, and loved ones to learn a little bit more about the personality behind your celebration.

So what are the things that your wedding website truly needs? We’re so glad you asked!


The Timeline

It’s more than likely that a guest or two will lose your beautifully designed invitation before you say I Do. So in order to mitigate the “where do I go again” texts, include all the high-level timeline points for your wedding weekend on your website. Include the things that pertain to all guests, so if you’re hosting a Welcome Dinner where every guest is invited, include that on the website. You can skip private events like a Ceremony Rehearsal or family-only Brunch.

Be sure to include the following details for each timeline item:

  • The name of the event

  • Start time (and end time, if applicable)

  • Location and address (#googlemapalltheplaces)

  • Event details - will guests need to know where to park? Is an additional RSVP needed? Make note of these so guests feel prepared.


Where to Stay

Based on the size of your wedding, you may have multiple room blocks, each with their own rates, booking process and release date. Create a “Where to Stay” page with all the information guests may need in order to book a hotel room for your wedding.

Getting married in a more obscure location where guests will have to book alternative lodging arrangements? Include your recommendations, including Airbnb, HomeAway or more boutique lodging options on your site.

{Bonus tip: On your Where to Stay page, link to some of your favorite shops, restaurants and things to do around town. Make your guests feel welcome and allow them to easily fill any spare time they have during your wedding weekend.}


Your Registry

There’s no shame in hoping that you get gifted your favorite registry items, but unless you want to be haunted by the ghost of Emily Post, make sure to not include this information on your wedding invitation.

Yes, even those cards that the lovely woman at Bed, Bath, and Beyond gave you!

Instead, create a page on your wedding website that links guests to your registries. This is the perfect place to include a sweet note to your guests, thanking them for their presence and thoughtfulness throughout your relationship and wedding planning journey.  Then, include the links to your updated registries. If you have a couple different registeries, feel free to include a note about the purpose each registry plays (ie: we’d love your help in decorating our home with our Potterybarn Registry, but to help us experience more life together, we’ve selected a few fun adventures through Zola!).



The most important aspect of your wedding website: your relationship. Your wedding celebration is a form of storytelling - sharing with guests the past, present, and future of your relationship; so we believe in beginning to tell that story using your wedding website. 

Use language and humor throughout your wedding website that reflects the language and humor you use in everyday life. Tell stories that showcase your favorite things about one another. Using your website to make guests feel welcomed long before they enter the doors for your ceremony is one of the marks of true hospitality.


A little bonus:

Stuck on where to create your wedding website? We're loving Squarespace (if you're a little more tech saavy) and Minted's premium wedding website (if you're looking for something a little more straightforward). If you feel like getting some extra creativity points, snag a custom domain using your wedding hashtag! Domains often run about $15-$25 a piece, so long as their not incredibly popular domains, and sites like Squarespace and Minted make it easy to use a personal domain. 


Happy website building, friends!

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