A New Look

Breanne Rochelle Photography

Breanne Rochelle Photography

Friends, Emma and I are absolutely bursting with excitement to share our new look with you all.

Our company was born on a warm spring day after a few glasses of champagne in 2015. We kicked around our very first ideas on a sun-filled patio, made a plan to meet twice a week at our favorite coffee shop to write our business plan, and started the walk back to our cars in a bit of a joy-filled haze. Right after our final hug in that parking lot, Emma said “What about A Lovely Day?”. We both loved it. It was, for us, the embodiment of what we wanted to stand for as a company - to serve and love people in a way that allowed them to fully-experience one of the most magical days in their lives. To create a truly lovely day for our couples, their family, and their friends.

It’s hard to believe that was four years ago. It’s also hard to put into words what we’ve learned over the past three wedding seasons — from the simplest lessons, to overcoming seemingly insurmountable road blocks. We’ve grown and stretched ourselves both creatively and from a business perspective. We’ve developed a mantra - “You can do hard things”. Because owning a business, even one as fun as wedding planning, is not for the faint of heart.

So in 2018 when we first discussed a rebrand, it felt like a natural “next-step” in our company’s journey.

The heart for our company has remained the same since that first conversation in 2015, but creating a visual identity that truly represented who we are has always been a challenge. When we first developed our brand in 2015, we wanted something that would fit naturally alongside the field of talented Michigan wedding planners. We chose a blushy shade of pink (that we loved!) and had our dear friend - and future bride! - JLK Designs hand letter and water color our original logo. We were thrilled.

When we approached our brand design a second time around, we knew we wanted something different. We wanted something that would truly represent who we are - as individuals and as company - and that would stand out in a saturated market. We wanted to refine and elevate what we had already created. Most of all, we knew that we wanted to work with one of the most talented women in the branding industry - Kathryn Joachim, owner of Crème Brands.

We had the opportunity to work with Kathryn in 2016 as brand coaching clients, and from the moment that we first chatted with her, we felt instantly connected. Kathryn is warm and heartfelt, and was so invested in our rebranding journey. We’ve worked together since January to bring our new look to life, and not only has she created something that feels so remarkably true to who we are, but along the way she helped us dig into some really amazing heart work for our company. Work that’s left us refreshed, renewed, and absolutely ecstatic about what’s to come for ALD.

Okay, okay. Enough with the sappy stuff - let’s talk about this beauty of a new brand.

If you’ve ever met Emma and I, you’ll know that for all the ways we’re similar (A love of Disney, Hamilton, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. A passion for scream singing Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. Strong likelihood of using the phrases “I love it” and “living my best life”), we’re also very different.

I have an affinity for blue and white stripes, while Emma sports pink every single Wednesday (#meangirls). I’m a little more Leslie Knope, she’s a little more Anne Perkins. I’m an early bird, while Emma is most definitely a night owl. In short, just like any great relationship, we balance each other, and we wanted to brand that represented that balance.

Imagine how our hearts fluttered when we saw this on our Brand Board.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 6.44.01 AM.png

Kathryn created a brand that was playful, fun and filled with tiny details, but in a way that still feels refined, elevated, and classic. She polished up our brand colors to include the most gorgeous nude-blush tones and introduced a french blue that we’re literally obsessed with. Oh, and there’s that monogram. The most perfect ALD monogram.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.27.51 AM.png

Beyond creating something that felt like us, we wanted a brand that welcomed you - our friends, our family, and our amazing couples. A brand that radiates warmth, love, and hospitality. A brand that is both beautiful and meaningful. Just like the weddings we plan and design.

Over the past five and a half months, Kathryn has worked right alongside Emma and I to create the next iteration of A Lovely Day. It’s so much more than a beautiful logo and website. It’s better understanding why we do what we do, better knowing the couples that we serve, and defining the values that make our company tick.

We are so excited to share more with you (and I promise we have lots more to share) over the next few weeks, but for now, Emma and I want to welcome you to our new site and our new brand. We are so honored that you’re here.



PS: As a little launch day treat for you all, we’re sharing the brand playlist we developed during this process. Go give it a listen!