A Lovely Day Bride

loves spontaneous dance parties and champagne just because.
loves to believe in the good in everyone.
loves the tiny details.
loves love.


Our greatest wish for you could be summed up like this: we want you to feel like you're planning a wedding with your best friend. We believe that every couple is different, so we never take the same approach to crafting a wedding. We start with packages, but tailor everything to you. Your wedding celebration should be a physical manifestation of your love and your love story, so we believe listening an getting to know you is the most critical piece in crafting a wedding that feels like you. So, our process is a simple one - get to know you, crafting something that is both beautiful and logistically sound, and then execute the wedding of your dreams. 

Find the details of our packages below and then say hello to receive our experience guide and set up your complimentary consultation to discuss the celebration of your dreams!